Holiday Home Management
Rent out your holiday home without the hassle
We clean, we checkout, we care
Are you on Airbnb or Book a Bach? Let us manage your holiday home from bookings, turnover cleaning, to light home maintenance and managing the bigger jobs.

With trained cleaning staff to experienced gardeners and so on we will keep your property in tip top shape ready for when your guests arrive.

Three Easy Steps
  1. Start thinking of your next holiday

Renting out your home with Wynne-Win will literally enable you taking a good holiday yourself. All we need are the keys to your home and we'll assist with the entire process from bookings, turnover cleaning, to light home maintenance and managing the bigger jobs.

2. Invite us to your home

We'd love to visit you to meet you in person and to admire your holiday home. This way we can explain how we work in person and further assist with the next steps. We will be able to provide you with a tailor made quote shortly after.

3. You focus on the things you love. We get to work

We will tend to the gardening, Mow lawns, clean the windows and oven. We provide all consumables including the basics – soaps, dish liquid, toilet paper etc, as well as firewood and luxuries. We will work with you to provide all things necessary to keep your High Ratings as a Holiday home provider.

We are here to manage your Holiday Properties to take the pressure off you. It is a true Wynne-Win situation.

What you can expect from Wynne-Win

Regular bookings managed
All Consumables kept at a good level
Guests vetted before acceptance of booking
Linen laundered ready for turn overs
Turn over cleans provided between each guests stay
Small repairs and maintenance provided by our team
Big repair or maintenance jobs managed on your behalf
We are fully insured, and staff criminal checked for your piece of mind

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